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Coopers Surf Australia is the largest stockists of Bodyboards on the North Coast.
By stocking the greatest range on the coast, Cooper’s customers are provided with a wide array of quality, high performance boards and accessories to choose from. From the beginner and intermediate to the full on competitor – all levels are catered for extensively.
Stocking over 15 bodyboard brands, and having at least 200 boards in stock at any one time, as well as customer orders, Coopers Surf Australia has something for everyone!
Bodyboards: Choosing the right equipment is essential when buying a new board. Your height, weight and current ability are the three main contributing factors to determining what type of board you should purchase. We carry board sizes ranging from 30” for the littlest grom all the way up to the 48” for the ‘big fellas’. We also carry an assorted range of boards for girls. Our experienced staffs are on hand to assist you in your choice. Coopers are lucky enough to have staff consisting of some dedicated bodyboarders who participate in comps, and training sessions within the Bodyboard scene.
Brands we stock include NMD, BZ, Science, Elmnopee, Custom X, Turbo, VS, O & E, Morey, Nomad, No.6, Cartel and more.
Accessories: Every bodyboarder knows that you must have the proper equipment to keep you in the water – whether it is flippers, flipper savers, flipper socks, flipper cuffs (stops flipper rubbing on heel) or leashes (elbow or wrist). Accessories to help maintain your board and it’s performance, means you may require accessories like travel covers, stretch covers, wax, board plugs or repair resin….all available at our stores.
Our flipper brands include: Churchill (Makapu), Redley, Limited Edition, Viper, Pod fins, Stealth, Hydro, Ocean & Earth, & Tech 2
Clothing: Coopers Surf Australia is on the forefront of modern surfwear fashion, carrying some of the top brands in Bodyboarding clothing.
On our racks you’ll find quality shirts, boardies, tees, caps, visors, walkshorts and rashies by leading Bodyboard labels.


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